How to Get Your Security Deposit Back in Full

22 Oct

It’s the end of your rental period and you’re ready to move into your next apartment. But in order to do that without stretching yourself too thin financially, you need your security deposit back. While it’s nice to know that that is a refundable item, landlords can keep part or all of the money for a number of reasons. We’re…

What to Know About Rent Control in San Diego

22 Oct

California has officially passed a statewide rent control law. This is a big deal for San Diego County, which has never had any form of rent control before now. According to Assembly Bill 1482, the rent cap will start on January 1st, 2020.  With this new law coming into effect landlords and renters should know how this will impact them….

Why is Renters Insurance Important? The Case for Protecting Yourself

22 Oct

It may not seem to make sense to get renters insurance, but it’s actually an excellent resource for tenants. This type of insurance, also known as home and contents insurance is designed to protect you in the worst case scenarios so that you aren’t left with no belongings and more debt. Scenarios That Renters Insurance Covers There are three situations…

Tips & Tricks on Common Apartment Maintenance Problems

21 Oct

No matter the time of day, having an issue crop up in your rental is always a drag. Clogged drains, broken light bulbs, and other common apartment maintenance problems can be a headache for both you and your landlord and could take some time before they can come out and make repairs. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, we’ve…



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